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Blessed with exceptional Leadership and Vision; Dom Basil Mathews, a Benedictine monk founded St. Benedict’s college in the rural community of La Romaine, Trinidad, on September.11th. 1956. In 1957, with support of the Minister of Education, Dr. Patrick Solomon, St Benedict's became a Government assisted college.

Circumstances and calling helped define his Leadership and Vision. As a Leader he recognized that there was a demographic in society with untapped potential; specifically children in families with limited financial resources, but if given the opportunity these children could achieve great success. He created a comprehensive curriculum of academic, technical, arts, culture and sports programs; understanding that exposing young minds to a combination of these programs would help achieve their full potential.

As a visionary, he was clearly ahead of the curve and on the right side of history. As Trinidad and Tobago emerged from colonialism, he recognized that the country exceptionalism depended on the development of its multicultural people.

His true leadership was his vision to be inclusive, which was reflective in the college diverse student population. His success has been well documented; St Benedict’s alumni have achieved success in all walks of life; and the magical achievement of the 1960’s football program is legendary. The first female Principal was appointed in 2015, and together with the faculty; they “stand on his shoulders” in continuing the work and vision of this incomparable Leader and Visionary.


Andre (Andy) Juman

President – ST BC- PSA – Toronto Chapter 

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