St. Benedict's College
La Romaine T&T - Toronto Canada Chapter

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        Present Board of Directors

Mission And Vision

St. Benedict's Alumni - Toronto Chapter


To celebrate St. Benedict's College 50th anniversary , three past student of St. Benedict's College - La Romaine Trinidad & Tobago formed a Toronto ( Canada Alumni ) Chapter in 2006.


G. Perryman, C. James and S. Gloddon


D. Lochan - G. Remey - K. Sosa - I. Richards - P. Bonas - W. Applewhite

V. Chandler - A. Gittens - G. Figaro - K. Simon - L. Obrien - L. Chandler

Mission And Vision

The ST BC – PSA – Toronto Chapter is a registered non-profit organization; founded to support and contribute to the development of our Alma mater, and foster goodwill among past students.

Through fundraising, the Toronto chapter provides annual financial support and the Dom Basil Matthews Education Bursary Award for Academic Excellence (Est. 2017) to the most outstanding student.

The Chapter also provides annual philanthropic donations in our Toronto community, and the global community as needed.


Past students of St. Benedict's College La Romaine - Full Membership

Friends and family - Associate Membership

Community Partnership

ST BC PSA - Toronto chapter is thankful for the "spirit of generosity" of the community, their sponsors, donors and the volunteer efforts of the past and present members and associate members, in helping to achieve their mission and vision.

 Organization Structure
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President: Andy/ Andre Juman
Vice President: Grantley Perryman
Treasurer: Frank Bhola
Assistant Treasurer: Valerie Seales
Secretary: Yolande Perryman
Assistant Secretary: Noreen Callender
Contact Information
STBCPSA Toronto Chapter: [email protected]
Mungal Patasar (Mungal Patasar)
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